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Planning Your First Safari

Tips from Premiere Safari Outfitter – Great Safaris
Award-winning luxury safari outfitter Great Safaris understands that a first-time safari is a momentous occasion that deserves careful planning – but where to start? Dave Herbert, Chief Experiential Officer, has been guiding travelers exclusively to Africa for over 40 years.
From here in the Desert he offers a list of 10 questions to help you plan your first safari:
Decide what region of Africa you want to visit, or ask your tour planner to suggest a destination based on the
time of year
Identify what is most important to you: tented camps, game drives, interaction with local tribes, shopping?
What wildlife do you want to view: primates, the “Big Five”, cats, the “Great Migration”?
Do you want a private safari or to join a group?
Do you want to be out in the bush the whole time or mix in some city life?
Will you be celebrating an anniversary, birthday or other special event either during or after your safari?
How much time do you have for your safari?
What level of service is most comfortable to you?
How many are in your group?
What season, or dates, do you want to travel?
When planning the budget, remember to include airfare (coach or upgrades), land costs; using air awards, etc.
Dave Herbert and his staff of African Specialists stand ready to help travelers plan their first or subsequent safaris. Their expertise and caring attitude assure a great outcome. Many of the clients at Great Safaris are planning their first trip to Africa.
A trip to Africa is so unique and special, it deserves to have the time and attention from Safari Experts at Great Safaris.
For full itinerary, pricing and other tour information, please visit www.greatsafaris.com
or call Dave at 800-409-7755 to
learn more about planning the
best Safari adventure possible!



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