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Get out of your head on the links

It’s the 18th hole, and you’re set to break eighty for the first time. Your years of practice and dedication have paid off, and it all comes down to this moment. With so much riding on this one hole, it is now apparent that practice alone isn’t enough. We all have mental blocks that stop us from reaching your potential, and keeping a level head in the face of pressure is as important on the links as it is in day-to-day life. Here is how to calm your nerves on the golf course, and keep cool like a pro:

  1. Chew Gum
    Studies have shown that chewing gum leads to significantly lower levels of anxiety and depression.
  2. Breathe Deeply
    Take deep breaths. This will lower your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and help your muscles to relax for a
    smooth, effortless swing.
  3. Visualize Victory
    Focus on an expected positive outcome rather than worrying you might fail. Visualize every detail of your victory for best results – picture the perfect drive, and a flawless putt that brings you to Birdie.
  4. Live for the Moment
    Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Take it one swing at a time, and focus on THIS swing, not what is coming up just down the fairway.
  5. Get Excited, not Nervous
    When you’re nervous your heart rate and blood pressure increase, breathing speeds up, and you begin to sweat. The same is true of excitement. What?! The trick is to turn that nervous energy into useful excitement, and flip the script on your psyche. This method is used my many Olympic athletes, and it can work for you!


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