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In 2006 the Delgado and Rodriguez families were trying to figure out what to call their newest restaurant. After purchasing the corner of Country Club and Cook Street, and a building that had been home to 20 years of failed restaurants, the experienced partners knew what they wanted to do but couldn’t settle on a name.

After decades of experiencing high priced yet often inconsistent fine dining, they were committed to creating an upscale restaurant that actually took care of the small details and more easily matched our resort lifestyle.

A relaxed experience featuring wine served at proper temperatures, cuisine both delicious and healthier than heavily sauce-laden offerings, area sourced products, and complete plates including thoughtfully designed accompaniments. Simply stated, an area restaurant the owners would enjoy; upscale dining without pretence, customer-focused, and offering value. But it took a minute to settle on the name.

The owners are still amused recalling the lookie-loo driver who stopped during remodel to inquire if another Las Casuelas was in the making? When informed of the plans, they drove off in a huff yelling, “Stick to what you know!”

The potential name became a local topic of conversation among marketing professionals and friends until finally an enhanced photo of a cork tree being harvested proved inspirational.

Recognizing that wine corks have been around for thousands of years with little change suggested simplicity, timelessness and excellence. A renewable resource, it takes 8 to 10 years to first harvest a cork tree, which then increases the tree’s health. Though some wine companies employ twist tops, the proper opening of corked wine begins a special evening with far more romance.

Today, celebrating 15 years as a valley favorite, the owners are thrilled to have seen The Cork Tree’s influence upon both new and longtime regional dining. The Cork Tree endeavors with each meal to live up to an early Zagat annual review of “excellent to perfection.”

For reservations: 760 779 0123 or Open Table. Cheers!

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