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Memoria Films: Preserve Your Legacy

You’ve probably spent time planning how you might leave behind financial or real estate assets for your offspring—but have you considered how you might leave
more of yourself?

Enter Memoria Films, a new locally-owned company dedicated to helping you preserve your life story on film for future generations. Their team of storytelling experts provides a guided interview with professional cameras to create a film they trust even your great-great-grandchildren will be watching decades from now.
Owner Sean Daigle believes your story, values, wisdom and advice are just as important to leave behind as any tangible asset, but says he’s heard more than a few people say they don’t think their grandchildren would care much for their story.

“You know, it’s sad to hear,” says Daigle. “My own grandmother passed away at the age of 59 from ovarian cancer. I was only 16 years old then, but not until recently did I come to understand I didn’t really know her. Back then I was just too self-absorbed and distracted to have really cared. But now? I wish I could talk to her, learn from her, ask her all the questions–how it was for her growing up, raising her kids (my mom), all of it. I’ll never have that opportunity.”

He’s hoping his experience encourages many in the valley to consider utilizing his services and to trust that those seemingly distracted generations will come around. And when they do, if they’re lucky they’ll find something from Memoria Films waiting for them.

Leave your legacy for your loved ones, call Sean Daigle and his talented Memoria Film team before it is too late at 909-222-0292 or email him at se**@me**********.com and visit their site



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