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Meet Brent & Ryan From Brightwater Services Inc.

One afternoon in 2019, Brent and Ryan, who have known each other since elementary school, began to discuss the need for a quicker response to service referrals to better serve our Coachella Valley. Brent and Ryan envisioned a company that took their shared knowledge of the plumbing and electrical trades and rolled it into a reliable and responsive service company to service the community they grew up in.

In 2020 Brightwater Services, Inc. was launched to create a trusted choice for all of your plumbing and electrical needs. Brent is a first generation plumbing contractor who brings years of experience and perfection to the plumbing trade. Brent started at age 19 working in the warehouse of a large plumbing firm and learning all the plumbing tools and materials such as fittings, cartridges, shower valves, toilets, water heaters, etc. He later moved into the field where he learned the hands-on plumbing trade from the ground up.

Ryan is a proud fourth generation electrician and brings that knowledge to all areas of the electrical trade. Although Ryan learned the details of the trade through his apprenticeship, he credits his business acumen to years spent working for his father who taught him to treat customers and employees with respect and to take pride in his work.

For trustworthy and responsive service call Ryan & Brent from Brightwater Services Inc. at 760-341-1488 or visit their website at



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