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Getting More Social in Your Community

Moving to a 55+ community is an exciting way to spend your retirement years having fun and socializing. Studies of people over 50 show that social interaction delays memory loss, promotes quality of life – and even improves eating habits!

Your 55+ community is an ideal place to meet new friends. Try these five tips to help you socialize and have fun.

Put yourself out there
It can seem daunting to arrive in a new community and feel like everyone else already knows each other but remember that you may not be the only newcomer. So take a deep breath and say hi to your new neighbors and discover new friendships.

Join a club or group
Activities are a great way to socialize, and their focus on a specific goal can make them feel more accessible. From golf to bocce ball, quilting to card games, or anything else, your community has something to get involved in. Or start a club or group of your own!

Ask a family member or existing friend to join you
See if you can bring a family member or friend along to give you someone to talk to and share the experience with, while giving you confidence to talk to others and mingle.

Make meal time social
Your community likely has several great dining options to get together with new friends. Consider a chat over morning coffee, a book club meeting at lunch, or a catered birthday dinner to connect over some good food.

Try something new
Your retirement years are the perfect opportunity to devote time to a new hobby or interest. You can learn something new and have the benefit of bonding with like-minded people. Keep an open mind and be willing to try something new – you will be pleasantly surprised!



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