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Have you ever stopped and thought about how many things you have to take care of? Whether man or woman, single or married, we all have a myriad of things to look after. How often do we hear “Take care of yourself”?

We all have a few, if not many, of the following to tend to: a spouse, family or grandchildren, a dog or cat, laundry, shopping, finances, a lawn or garden, cooking and cleaning… the list goes on and on. For many of us, unless we find some hired help, we are on our own.

Then there is everyone’s favorite, the family car, more important than ever in this day and age. Have you been without your car lately? Everything is taking longer, dealers’ inventories are low, and Uber and the rental car agencies are just beginning to recover from the pandemic. It’s true vehicles are built better than ever, but they are still something that we need to ” Take Care Of . ” The easiest thing to do, and arguably the most important, is that good ol’ All-American looking things over, say before a road trip.

Popping the hood, checking the fluid levels, eyeballing the battery, and then finally checking the tires, all go a long way to help you avoid surprises on the road. Years ago our corner gas station had that mechanic everyone knew who could look things over, but even better were full-service gas stations. For many of us it’s just a fond memory, for others it’s urban myth, a fairy tale of sorts.

Places like that sure helped take care of the family truckster. Sadly, they’re all but extinct now. But suddenly, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Fiestas, Fiesta Ford and the all new Fiesta KIA, are here to help.

Fiesta KIA and Fiesta Ford (we’ll just say “Fiesta” the rest of the way) want to help our neighbors with one”Take Care Of.”Fiesta wants our neighbors to meet and know us, and vice versa. So we have developed Fiesta Full Service, or FFS. After you purchase gasoline at your favorite spot, pull on in to either of our Service Departments. When the service attendant or advisor approaches, just tell them you want the Full Service Check. We will perform the full service checks just like it was 1964.

We will check your engine oil, coolant and brake fluid levels. We will top them off for free as well. We want to start and strengthen relationships, not sell you a quart of oil. If you’d like, we can test your car’s battery for you. We will then check your tire pressure and add air if needed. The last thing we’ll do is place a small round sticker near the bottom corner of the windshield with the letters “FFS” on it. The next time you stop by two or three months later, we’ll know why you’re here.

What we won’t do is gather your personal information or ever charge you for this friendly service. If we see something that needs attention we will let you know. fI we earn your trust and you’d like to try us for your vehicle service that would be wonderful as both Fiestas service most makes and models. But our number one goal is to take something off your “to do” list, give you one less thing to worry about, and meet the neighbors.

We are located on Varner Road between Jefferson and Washington. Thank you for reading this, and hope to see you soon!



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