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Dave Martin: From Neuropathic Pain to Relief

David E (Dave) Martin has seen bright days and some with rolling clouds carrying storms. Yet the downpour itself always held promise of a silver crest, and a rainbow bringing relief to many people experiencing the agonies of neuropathic pain and myriad symptoms associated with something called “neuropathy.”

In the early 2000s he was prescribed medication that is known to cause adult-onset Type II Diabetes – ultimately Dave became full-blown diabetic and has now dealt with the disease for nearly 20 years. Despite good sugar management, he developed deep neuropathy, a result of nerve damage and deterioration. Impaired nerve function commonly produces chronic pain with symptoms including numbness, tingling, burning, itching, jabbing sharp pins and needles, and more. Dave experienced it all, mostly in the feet and lower legs.

Neuropathy affects 50-70% of diabetics due to the destruction of a nerve’s myelinated sheath (the tissue that surrounds the nerve). Conditions other than diabetes may cause neuropathy as well (called “idiopathic neuropathy”). People who suffer from it find the pain inexplicable and unbearable – for Dave it certainly was. Symptoms flaring up during the day, symptoms elevated in severity at night…he was exhausted by his struggle.

Seeking a solution, and trying available alternatives along the way, he discovered a high-tech treatment based on Electric Cell Signaling Technology (ECST). For the first time, he found relief, especially at night. With regular treatment, he began to recover his vibrant lifestyle. The storm subsided, and he saw the silver lining he had almost given up hope of finding. Treatments simply involved sitting in a comfortable recliner at a local medical practice twice a week, with benefits transforming him easily and painlessly.

Electric Cell Signaling treatment is an advanced, non-invasive pain relief technique using Quantum Resonance-Specific Induction (QRSI) to focus and amplify subatomic particle movements. This activates the recovery process within cells. It’s all quite scientific, but what Dave knew was that it worked – and he was eager to help many people he had met with similar neuropathy problems. But life had other plans.
Having grown up in San Luis Obispo County, then moving to Orange County to pursue his “first” career in advertising, Dave returned to SLO to help his aging parents for whom he cared for so much. After their passing, he and his brother visited the Palm Springs area to relax. Dave fell in love with the area and, after reflecting on what’s important in life, he decided that the Coachella Valley was the perfect place to start his new mission – helping people be free from the burden of chronic pain and able to experience all the joy life has to offer.

Shortly after putting down roots in Del Webb Sun City Palm Desert Dave opened Best Care Pain Centers in Indian Wells. With a leading Valley MD as Medical Director and a highly experienced Nurse Practitioner, Laura Padron, at the helm, Best Pain Care Centers is perhaps the finest state-of-the-art facility concentrating on chronic pain and neuropathy in the Desert. With four ECST stations and super-qualified medical professionals, the practice is committed to providing the best care possible, for as many of our neighbors as possible, and sharing their joy of renewed vitality.

Not only is Dave the owner of Best Pain Care Centers, but he is also a patient. He credits his happy, pain-abated lifestyle to the very groundbreaking technology he offers others.

“For the first time, I feel like I’m home,” Dave says as he reflects on his great life in the Valley. “And God gave me a truly gratifying second career here too,” he smiles.
Dave’s mission is important to supporting the quality of life everyone deserves. Common causes of neuropathy are diabetes, autoimmune illnesses, arthritis as well as idiopathic treatment histories such as previous treatments related to HIV. If you have any such neuropathy conditions and are suffering, Dave encourages you to start your journey to relief at Best Pain Care Centers. He notes that the practice only provides treatments without drugs of any kind (nothing pharmacological), no steroids, and no surgery.

For more information or to book a consultation, please visit or call the offce directly at
(760) 565-6700. “Don’t delay,” Dave says. “Your physical, emotional and spiritual relief is just a phone call away.”



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