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Coach Mia Lynott

Building Resilient Communities one neighbor at a time!

While shopping in a local grocery store, I witnessed an angry couple demanding to speak to the manager. Screaming, they reported they were never shopping there again because a piece of meat they had purchased was not to their liking. No amount of apologies and refunds calmed them. Their tempers escalated, promising to tell anyone who would listen about their crippling experience. Sound familiar? Maddening, sure. Did anyone die? No. That’s just one example of low resilience! The list could go on and on.

These are tough times. Maintaining a strong inner resilience is as important to your overall health and wellbeing as eating right and exercise. Sharpening these simple yet powerful tools can literally save your reputation and relationships, as well as your LIFE!

Mia’s 10+ Guiding Principles for a strong inner resilience are actually very simple individually. When combined, practiced and applied on a consistent basis, you can physically feel yourself shift into a new, refined posture.

  • A strong inner resilence supports you in:
  • Being less reactive and more responsive
  • Bouncing back quickly from adversity, grief, stress and loss
  • Creating more joy, happiness and improved health
  • Being more peaceful, optimistic, grateful and quick to forgive

Begin practicing the skills found in those you admire: happy neighbors, survivors and heroes. Practicing these tools daily builds new, healthier habits.

Be an example to your partner, family, friends and neighbors.

Mia’s 10+ Guiding Principles

  • Practice optimism and gratitude
  • Identify your fears and anxieties
  • Find a role model
  • Define your moral compass
  • Develop self-care habits
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Find meaning in your life
  • Expect life’s challenges and set-backs
  • Deepen relations with family and friends
  • Build your faith in a higher power
  • Be the change…create resilient communities one neighbor at a time!

Mia is an Author, IR10+, ICF Certified Life Coach CPC, Public Speaker, Full time SCSH Resident, and has 20+ years of coaching experience. Career Opportunities Available!

For more information call Mia 760.685.4468 for private or group sessions.



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