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5 Key Benefits of Getting Older

Getting older has so many benefits (really, it does)! Here are Shannon Shea’s top 5 key benefits:

  1. You become a lot more comfortable with your true self. As you age, you begin to really understand yourself. The older you develops acceptance and respect for the aspects of your being, physical or otherwise, that have plagued you with bullying or criticism in your younger years. You realize that you are who you are, and that there is only one you.
  2. You have a ton of fabulous knowledge about lots of things. Aging requires living your life. As you have lived, you have gained a wealth of knowledge from everything you’ve ever done or experienced in life. You are the only one who has ever lived your life. Not only does that wisdom serve you well, but it can be a huge benefit for others.
  3. You develop stronger, more intimate relationships. You appreciate the amount of time and energy it takes to cultivate healthy relationships. You are able to express yourself and your needs more clearly when you meet someone new. You know the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to building relationships.
  4. You’re likely a more secure person in many areas of life. As you have lived, you have made mistakes, learned life lessons, and found ways to better yourself. You took that knowledge and probably feel more sure of yourself.
  5. You have a strong grasp on your emotions. As you go through life, you really learn about yourself along the way. You understand more about what triggers your emotions, how to control your emotions, and how to soothe tough emotions. You are far more emotionally mature and have a complex understanding of how to process your emotions.

Shannon Shea is the founding executive director of Elder Love USA, Inc. She has her Master’s degree in gerontological social work and is pursuing her PhD in Gerontology (class of 2022). She can be reached at Donate and visit her non-profit thrift store at 72221 Hwy 111 in Palm Desert.



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