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Remodel with style and sophistication

Remodel Door is a family-owned and operated business located in Bermuda Dunes, specializing in decorative and architectural glass for homes of all styles. Founded in 2004 with only a team of three, we have grown steadily alongside our Desert Community since then.

Our flagship product, Hand-made Beveled Leaded Glass retrofit panels for doors and windows, was an immediate hit when introduced to communities all across the Desert and local Southern California. These panels allow homeowners to use their existing doors or windows and install custom-fit glass panels, completely revitalizing their entryway with beautiful glass products ranging from the traditional and elegant to the contemporary and refined, all while saving time and money compared to replacing the door or window system entirely. We soon evolved this product line to include other options, such as insulated, impact-resistant tempered glass, high-privacy glasses, and our popular modern “Multi-Lite” configurations. With our talented design team, we can take nearly any door and make it spectacular.

Over the past decade, we have expanded into other glasswork categories as well. We now sell and install modern energy-efficient windows and patio doors – a high demand here in the Valley. Many homes are built with inexpensive aluminum patio doors and windows which let heat in through the frame and glass, forcing many homeowners to pay increasing energy costs. As glass and frame material technologies advance, it is beneficial for homeowners to consider replacing them with High Efficiency windows. Luckily, using “retrofit” patio doors and windows makes this a snap! Their specially-designed frame minimizes and often eliminates the need for touchup work like stucco and drywall repair and repainting. These frames come in many different styles, colors, and configurations, offering a wide variety of looks and functions to choose from. Not only will you get a sleek new look and windows and sliding patio doors which operate with ease, but your home will be more energy-efficient than ever before. We carry products from popular manufacturers like Milgard to the more premium offerings of Pella and Western Windows, offering a wide variety of looks for every home.

Another aspect of what we do is our premium offerings of high-end shower and bath enclosures. We specialize in frameless swing doors, sliding and walk-in designs, custom-engineered to fit your needs and desired look. Let our design team help you create a spectacular system that is right for you.

Lastly, we offer a popular service where we can take kitchen cabinet doors and retrofit decorative glass into them. Adding glass to a cabinet door is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to spice up your kitchen, bath, or office, adding texture and character to your space without needing a long and messy full remodel. Whether it’s just two or three cabinet doors, or a full set, you can’t go wrong with decorative glass in your cabinets.

Our showroom hours are Mon-Fri from 10-5, Saturdays by appointment, 79-893 Country Club Dr. Unit 1 Burmuda Dune. Whatever your remodeling goals are, give us a call 760-772-9988 and let’s see how we can help you enhance the beauty of your home!



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