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You Could Give Your People Culligan Water

Like many Southern California communities, Indio, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley rely on several sources to meet their growing water needs. Where does Indio, Palm Springs and the surrounding area get its water? These sources include:
• Groundwater
• Recycled water

Indio and Palm Springs Water Quality and Treatment Solutions
Groundwater quality is generally hard in nature, and Coachella Valley water is no exception. The high mineral content of Indio’s water can cause headaches at home. Many people detect a noticeable taste associated with hard water, but the issues often go beyond just an unpleasant aftertaste or smell. Other indicators of Indio-area poor or hard water include:• White, chalky buildup around fixtures• Cloudy residue and/or water spots that can be hard to clean.

• Rising utility bills – major appliances like water heaters and dishwashers can’t use hard water effectively, which costs you every month
• Coffee, tea and even recipes can taste or smell ‘off’ by using water with dissolved minerals
•Dry skin, hair and nails
• Laundry that looks and feels worn, stiff, or scratchy

Whatever your Indio and Palm Springs water problems, Culligan has a water purification solution that’s always customized to your home and the water in it. Read below to discover what our products can do for your home!

Water Softeners
Remove problem-causing dissolved minerals from Coachella Valley water quickly and effectively with Culligan’s advanced water softeners. Designed to target the Indio-area’s specific hard water problems, you’ll experience water that works better everywhere in your home, and leaves you with a fresher taste in your mouth.With water softening solutions customized for area water problems, you can count on the Culligan Water experts to soften up even the most stubborn hard water problems

Reverse Osmosis Filters
Reverse osmosis filtration is one of the most effective ways to remove dissolved minerals that cause water to taste or smell less than fresh. RO filtration is also effective at removing potentially harmful and sometimes pervasive contaminants and chemicals from water, like lead, radium, aesthetic chlorine and arsenic.The advanced technology in reverse osmosis filtration is customized to get the best-tasting results from your Coachella Valley water. So whether you’re concerned about contaminants or just want a better-tasting way to stay hydrated without plastic bottles, Culligan RO filters deliver fresher, filtered water right from your kitchen sink.

Whole House Filters
Whole home water filtration provides a one-stop solution for all your Indio hard water problems. Whether you’re looking for a better taste from your tap, or water that works more efficiently in your major appliances to save you more on utilities, whole home water filters do it all.Culligan’s sophisticated home water filtration solutions are targeted for Coachella Valley water so they effectively improve water taste and quality. This translates into benefits all over the home – from saving you time to helping you spend less on personal care products, cleaning products and utility bills. Soft, filtered water helps your whole home run more smoothly while keeping the people in it feeling better.

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