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When Storms Come, Reliable Roofing is Here

The Coachella Valley is well known for year-round sunshine, hot weather, Coachella Music Festivals and an abundance of amazing golf courses, but the beautiful mountain-scape surrounding the valley can also summon regular rainstorms and colder temperatures which establish the uniquely famous desert climate.

Unlike Albert Hammond’s song “It Never Rains in Southern California”, when the occasional rain storm hits, it can hit hard! The sky darkens, the clouds roll in, the storm rumbles deeply, and the rain shoots down transforming the streets into ponds and rivers. The crack of a lightning strike is nothing compared to the sound of rain hammering relentlessly on your roof above your head. Though soon enough, the storm lifts, leaving the smell of creosote bushes in the air and a patchwork of destruction.

Your roof does a lot more than provide a safe shelter from the occasional rainstorm; it also provides invaluable insulation from our hot temperatures and cool night drops. Unfortunately, most people don’t give their roof enough credit until it is too late… and there’s nothing quite like a rain storm to reveal the importance of roof maintenance. While your roof may not seem like the most glamorous element of your home, it is one of the most important aspects to be aware of. If an aging roof is not maintained or replaced in time your home could develop a disastrous leak costing you tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable damage. Just imagine the rain washing away your attic insulation, water damage throughout your bedrooms and kitchen, water soaking through your valuables and television, and moisture collecting all the way down to your basement as a moldy indoor pool.

Suddenly, the value of a dry and tightly sealed home makes a lot more sense, and it’s better to focus on preventative maintenance rather than being caught off guard. Todd Young, owner of Reliable Roofing, says that having a well cared-for roof ensures the safety of your home and well-being from unexpected bouts of climate carnage. He encourages everyone to check for obvious signs that your roof needs some TLC or replacement by spotting worn patches, discoloration and broken tiles or shingles. Be especially mindful of subtle aspects of your roof, such as accumulating tree debris and wearing areas around vents, pipes and corners. What is under the tiles and shingles keeps you and your home safe!

Since not everyone has the keen eye and knowledge to spot important roof issues, or a willingness to climb the heights required to inspect a roof, we can rely on trustworthy experts like Todd and his Reliable Roofing team who have been in the business for 37 years. In California, roofing warranties are often limited as there is no legal requirement, but Todd goes above and beyond the call of duty by standing by his work and voluntarily ensuring a good warranty and quality service.

The safe and dry homeowners in your community have endorsed Reliable Roofing’s service and work ethic by listing the company as a Local’s Choice 5-Star Certified expert! So, call Reliable Roofing today at (760) 568-1673 or visit reliableroofingbytgy.com, and make sure your roof is ready for the next rainstorm!



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