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There’s a Battle Raging in Your Garden That You Might Not Have Noticed

Sitting in your yard enjoying a refreshing beverage, it might be hard to believe you are at the epicenter of a grand battle, but it’s true. As you relax in comfort, your plants are engaged in a fight for survival. Termites may have invaded your favorite palm while fire ants flank the eastern front. Gummosis is an infection that may be scaling your citrus trees in ninja-like fashion, while
irrigation issues infiltrate your stalwart shrubs.

Although the 1989 Hollywood movie, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” did a great job of illustrating some of the perils faced in your average residential yard, the battle your plants face is not fiction! It is a real war going on at every moment and ignoring it can have disastrous consequences.

Up to 10% of your home’s value is in the landscaping, so whether you are happily settled or planning to sell, it makes sense to protect the value of your property. Luckily, there is a five-star General that can lead you to victory in this epic struggle. Rudy’s Plant Health Care is a division of Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control and has 30 years of knowledgeable experience in agricultural and horticultural inspection and treatments in the Coachella Valley. Now, for the first time ever, Rudy’s is offering homeowners the same expertise cherished by commercial agriculture for decades.

This is not a gardener service. Sure, you might have a gardener, but Rudy’s Plant Health Care goes beyond the knowledge and capability of your regular gardener by inspecting the health of your plants in depth – informing you of key health factors like feeding, pests, disease and irrigation. You’ll promptly receive a comprehensive report detailing all the health challenges facing
your plants, along with specific recommendations on how to control them that you can share with your existing gardener. Discounted treatment options are also available directly from Rudy’s.

Often gardeners don’t notice plant health issues until it’s too late, and treatable issues can cause damage for years before a plant suddenly dies. With a plant health care inspection, you’ll learn about any threats early and stop the damage before you face a major problem that could impact the value of your beautiful landscape.

The Rudy’s team has decades of experience and is QAL certified by the state of California. With specialized training, their experts can identify a huge range of threats and keep your plants happy. Their expertise will preserve the value of your property, saving you money and stress. Better yet, they offer environmentally-conscious plant treatments because the safety of you, your loved ones and your pets is always top priority.

Be an ally to your plants in their battle for health and happiness! Contact Rudy’s Plant Health Care at (760) 775-7216, or check out www.rudyspest.com online so your yard stays the envy of the neighborhood. Rudy’s offers great customer service, meets or exceeds all legal and safety regulations and always has your back. Call today, and most importantly, be sure to savor your victory.



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