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The Growing CBD Market

By Greg Collins | Pharmacist

Since opening Cornerstone Pharmacy in June of 2017, we have observed significant growth of the CBD market across the Coachella Valley. While growing our main business of community pharmacy remains our main focus, we decided after extensive research into the CBD products, to bring CBD tinctures, capsules, salves, and oils into our pharmacy for sale.

Since then, as a medical professional, I have seen CBD prove to be highly effective in the treatment of many ailments. As a potent anti-inflammatory product, CBD has reduced general aches and pains for many of our patients who have tried our products. In addition, CBD has reduced the needs for stronger pain medications such as NSAIDS or opioids in many cases. In addition to treating pain, we are seeing it assist our patients with insomnia or other sleep conditions, migraines (reduces frequency of headaches), and more. The feedback I receive from my patients remains consistently positive for CBD product lines. All of our products are THC free, so there are no psychotropic effects from these products.

In addition to CBD for humans, we are finding it effective for treating pain and inflammation in dogs and cats. Our customer testimonials for their pets have been incredible. We highly recommend you consider CBD options for your pet especially if they are dealing with any arthritic ailment.

Although CBD should be considered for many ailments, it will not work for everyone. Its effectiveness is dose dependent meaning that all of us are unique and treatment dosages will vary. In addition, it will require some room in your budget as monthly costs could be $50 or more. Please stop by or call us at (760) 200-0220 should you have any questions and be sure to leverage the coupon in the magazine for your CBD purchase.

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