Mental strategies for golf go beyond just visualizing the day. Your mind has the power to redevelop mental muscle memory and ultimately bring a renewed sense of excitement and fulfillment to your game. Try these tips to amp up your game by engaging your mind in preparation, practice, and
even your swings.

Establish Goals on Each Round

Golfers often spend more time and energy on the number of balls they hit during practice, which frustratingly doesn’t always lead to consistent scores. Rather, give yourself a goal for each swing.
Long-term goals like lower scores or the classic hole-in-one are important, yet many golfers overlook the value of short-term and refined goals. Take a moment to ask yourself what you want to achieve on each swing or round. This will help you better align your actions with each mini-challenge you face over the course.

Keep it Positive

Even pros face blunders, but it’s important to not let a bad shot hinder the following shots or even the rest of your game. Consider a poor shot a valuable opportunity to learn and focus on what you would do differently in the future. Furthermore, don’t let your confidence slip. It’s easy to get discouraged or distracted by a poor shot, but take a moment to refocus and reflect on how much better you’ll be from now on!

Make it Competitive

Did you know that competition is an important skill-building strategy? Studies show even friendly competition tells our brains that something is “on the line,” driving us to improve and do our best. So gather your friends and neighbors to see who will buy the first round of post-game drinks, or add fun wagers into the game. Don’t forget that it’s all in good fun, and give your fellow competitors supportive words too!

In the retirement years, keeping your mental skills sharp during golf is as crucial as the physical exercise you get on the green. Incorporate these mental strategies to help keep your mind and your golf game sharper for years to come!



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