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For the Love of Golf

Art has a way of sticking in our minds and transporting us into a new space, similar to how historic moments in sport stay with us forever. In some cases, these two things actually do transport us, as is the case with “Timeless Moment”. While it features Jack Nicklaus’ famous putt on the 17th hole of Augusta National in the 1986 Masters, you can also make out the faces of fans who have immortalized the famous moment in their minds. The crew of No Bogeys Custom Golf (Laguna Niguel, CA) have been painted in as the first row of patrons enjoying the spectacle. Artist Jon Prud’homme frequented the golf shop while his son worked there, building and repairing clubs. Golf stories, both famous and infamous, would be thrown around the shop as the crew bantered with the golfers who would come in to have their equipment worked on. A mutual love for the game between the pros and amateurs alike was a binding force that filled the air with camaraderie and helped inspire Jon’s vision for “Timeless Moment”. Debates would be had whether Jack was the best, or Tiger, or Palmer, or Hogan. But in the mashup of memories given to us by the greats, watching the then oldest major champion sink a putt on the 17th hole at Augusta reminds us all that golf is timeless. And despite one’s age, our love for the game
may never diminish.



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