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Dr. Diane Sheppard: The Journey of an Eastern Healing Master & Founder of AcQPoint Wellness Center

Dr. Diane Sheppard is the founder of AcQPoint Wellness Center in Palm Desert, and is considered one of the premier Acupuncture clinics in the Coachella Valley.

Awarded in 2020 Desert Sun’s best business’ and nominated by Desert Health Magazine for the past 5 years for her achievements in treating patients with chronic ailments and helping to create radiant overall health for all her patients. She has been contracted with Eisenhower Wellness Medical Center
at the same time opened her clinic when she moved to Sun City with her husband Morris, where they envisioned the creation of an all-encompassing wellness healing center.

This vision materialized with the creation of AcQPoint. There, Diane has fostered a culture that embraces Diane’s leadership as an Eastern Medicine healing center. AcQpoint is now a highly sought after full-service healing center that also has experienced and skilled practitioners in chiropractic services, and therapeutic massage and fascia stretch therapy. Surely this highly successful practice is the dream that Diane and Morris hoped for from the beginning.

Diane’s vast experience has shaped the success of AcQpoint by fully embracing Eastern studies. Diane’s breadth of knowledge includes; studying Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong at the Taoist Institute for Internal Arts in Burbank, CA, as well as studying various martial arts and yoga, and also studied at the famed Shiatsu School of Massage, the Tao of Healing Arts, in Santa Monica CA.

Those who know healing is a gift, also know there is an untold acumen given to some more than others. Diane’s gift for healing was roused at only seven years old when her father went to Vietnam after being personally asked by Lyndon Johnson to bring food, medicine, and music to the soldiers. Later, he returned with a gift that defied the savagery of war and would lead Diane down a life-long path of peace, health and service to others. That gift was a foundational knowledge of eastern medicines, music, and spiritual practice that inspired her since at this early age.

Diane ventured deeper into this pursuit, and is now a California state licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbologist. She earned her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine degree from the oldest school of Chinese medicine in the United States – Samra University, where she was Valedictorian of her class. She also holds a Ph.D in Eastern Medicine, and won the University’s
award for Best Dissertation.

In 1990, Diane traveled to Beijing, China for training and certification in Tui-Na — Chinese massage therapy and orthopedic manipulation — at the Beijing International Center for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, while also working at the renowned Guan An Men Hospital, where she was honored with a special letter of recommendation. There, she was fortunate to meet Qi Gong Master Jiao Gourui, and experience Qi Gong therapy from this famous teacher.

Diane returned to Beijing in 2005 where she again attended the Beijing International Center and received their coveted Certificate in Acupuncture. While she was there, she worked in various hospitals that combined western and eastern medicine and studied intensely under great teachers.

Get to know Dr. Diane better and experience AcQPoint’s patient friendly and relaxing environment by calling 760-345-2200, or visit acqpoint.com to embark on your journey to radiant health and happiness!



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