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Be Comfortable and Stay at home as you Age

“What can we do for you?”

“I just want to be comfortable.”

That’s an answer we hear every day at the California Elder Law Center.
I suspect it is a statement that reflects the anxiety the past year has caused among seniors all over America. It is no secret how devastating COVID-19 has been to Americans over the age of 65, especially for those trapped in nursing homes but also anyone susceptible to the virus.

Seniors wanting to “be comfortable” means they want to be cared for, they want their loved ones and their families to be safe, and they want to know their spouses will be protected even if they are not here to stand guard over them.
There are real concerns from American seniors about aging, about facing hard choices, being prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones. 2020 was a year that caused so many middle-class families to stop and think about what they really want, how they want to be protected and how they can shield their families, and loved ones.

When seniors (people age 65 on up) are asked what is important to them, to their spouses and their families, they all say the same things in the same order:

“I want to stay at home! I don’t want to be put in an institution.”

And yet, over 70% of seniors in the United States pass in institutions, not surrounded by loved ones in the comfort and sanctity of their own homes.

“I don’t want to go broke! Or have my spouse to go broke paying for my care.”

The average cost for one month in a nursing home in California is $10,298…will there be enough to pay for you and your spouse?

“I don’t want to be a burden on my children.”

Who, EXACTLY, is going to take care of or protect you in long-term care? What if you don’t have children living close enough to take care of you? Who will take care of you if you do not have children?
Answering those questions is the reason so many seniors need to sit with an Elder Law attorney to discuss alternatives and resources. They will help craft a plan for you, your spouse and your family when the time comes.

Talking with Califonia Elder Law is the best path to attaining your goal of being comfortable in your later years.

Call the California Elder Law Center today for a FREE consultation (a $395 value for SUN CITY INSIDER readers) and take that first step towards reaching your goal. CALL 760-422-0404.

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