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Why Golf is Ideal for Retirement Years

Golf has many benefits to your overall well-being, and is an ideal sport for the retirement years. Whether you want to explore the Coachella golf scene yourself, or are trying to encourage others to get into the game, here are 4 great reasons that golf is an ideal way

to spend your retirement years!

1. Health Benefits

Recently, an Edinburgh study on the health benefits of golfers found that they lived on average five years longer than non-golfers. This is attributed to the amount of walking required, as well as the swings that keep your body’s core strength and balance in check. Additionally, golf is a low- impact sport, so it doesn’t put too much stress on joints and muscles.

2. Social and Support Aspects

Being out in the fresh air with picturesque views and great people is highly beneficial for your mental well-being. Whether you play in a group or with one other person, there are many opportunities for vibrant and lengthy discussions, or simply enjoying the company.

Organized golf groups and clubs also offer a ready- made social scene, and are great for friendly fun or healthy competition. Consider joining a golf club, or check out the Sun City Palm Desert Recreational Clubs & Support Groups run by your fellow residents!

3. Competitive Drive

Many golfers realize they play the best golf of their lives after they’ve retired. This is because they get time to practice and improve, have more experience and a more defined golfing strategy, and play is more relaxed without the stresses of work or young children. Golf is one of the few sports where players remain competitive into later life, senior open tournaments are an ideal way to keep active and hone your skills.

4. A New Focus

In addition to its incredible vistas, the Coachella Valley sees consistent sunny weather all year-round. This means that any day of the week is great for golf – especially since your free time isn’t limited to weekends and evenings. So why not enjoy a leisurely breakfast on a weekday, then call your fellow retired neighbors for a relaxed round on the green?

Strive to improve your skills and strategy, try out a new putter or drive, try to beat your age – there is always something to fun to focus on with golf.

If you’re in or nearing retirement age and you don’t play golf, it’s never too late to start. The Sun City Insider community is full of golfers at different levels, so dust off the golf clubs and enjoy!



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