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Understanding Costs of Aging

Most of us are familiar with the term “aging in place”, but not everyone understands what it means. Aging in place refers to being able to stay in your home at a time when you need outside assistance in activities of daily living. That is the goal and wish of most seniors, but are you able to afford it?

For many people, there is a misconception on what financial assistance is available as we age. Unfortunately at this time  there is no financial assistance for personal care in your home unless you have no money whatsoever. Medicare and Medicaid will only pay for medical services for a short duration, and they do not pay for any type of caregiver because that is not deemed a medical necessity.

As we continue to have over 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the United States, the demand for care will expand, as will the cost. Planning ahead financially, to help stay in your home, is worth a discussion with your financial advisor.

Long term care insurance will assist in payments on the percentage and maximum coverage of both medical and caregiver services per day, as well as on the overall amount. Be aware that there is usually a 90 day delay in being reimbursed for care. Our company, Right at Home, can assist with paperwork to help navigate the initial communication with a long term care company, however you would have to initiate and open a claim prior to us being able to assist.

Right at Home offers services to assist with personal care such as showering, safety monitoring, walking assistance, light meal preparation, shopping and dementia/Alzheimer’s care. We run background checks on our caregivers, drug test them, and train them in-house both online and hands-on. We employ a licenced vocational nurse as our caregiver trainer.  We are involved with our community here in Coachella Valley, and take the responsibility of care very seriously. Right at Home is thrilled to be part of the fabric of the desert. 

For more infornmation visit www.rahdesert.com or call 760-340-1919



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