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Turn your poolside dreams into a reality with McIntyre Pools & Spas Inc.

It’s another blazing sunny day in the Coachella Valley, a perfect day to relax poolside and sip a margarita, slushy or icy-cold water. A pool is a treasured staple to many homes in the Valley, from those who enjoy poolside barbeques paired with a pink flamingo theme to those who use their backyard pool as a private oasis retreat.

Nothing is quite as refreshing from the sweltering summer heat as a swimming pool. If you have been dreaming of a pool to call your own or have been considering an upgrade to your current pool, keep reading! It is crucial that you do your due diligence when it comes to swimming pool contractors and in determining who to trust to build your pool. Swimming pool contracting fraud has been ever-increasing and continues to make devastating headlines. This scam has victimized countless hard-working and trusting people out of thousands of dollars, oftentimes leaving their backyards in ruin!

So many people are excited about the prospect of having their dream swimming pool that they may overlook red flags that can be detected by carefully inspecting the authenticity or credibility of contractors’ websites and reviews. Another key tip to protect you and others from this lurking scam is to make sure any contractor you hire is properly licensed and that their license is – in fact – their own.

A swimming pool is a major time and financial investment, which is why trustworthy, family-owned company McIntyre Pools & Spas Inc. stands by their work with warranties and strong values. Mike McIntyre, the owner of McIntyre Pools & Spas Inc., was born and raised in the Coachella Valley and the swimming pool business is his lifelong passion. He has operated his local swimming pool construction and maintenance company since 1989, and has many notable projects under his belt from fellow Sun City Resident neighbors to large-scale Country Clubs.

To ensure that your dream of a pool does not turn into a nightmare, contact trustworthy McIntyre Pools & Spas Inc., a transparent, fully licensed and credible contractor to turn your dream into a well-invested reality.

Start the next step towards your dream by visiting www.mcintyrepools.com or by inquiring by phone or email: 760-342-3612 cmcintyre@mcintyrepools.com



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