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The Practice of Psychology with an Aging Population

As a psychologist who has practiced for nearly forty years, Dr. Richard Sinacola has had the opportunity to treat just about every condition. While he has counseled children, adults and seniors from all walks of life, the concerns faced by seniors are particularly challenging as many seniors are of generations that are not accustomed to asking for help. Those from the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation and older baby boomers were taught to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and carry on, but many from these groups are dealing with depression caused by many sources like chronic pain, systemic disease and the loss of their independence. In addition, many are affected by grief and loss or even divorce in their senior years. Still others are affected by what he calls the “silent killer,” or loneliness. It can rob a person of his or her enthusiasm and lead to profound depression and further isolation.

Counseling and psychotherapy provide an opportunity to create a special healing relationship designed to assist the individual with new tools for dealing with depression, anxiety and retirement issues. It is important to seek a seasoned professional who understands the needs of seniors and how they view the world. As a psychologist who is also trained as a priest, Dr. Sinacola is in a unique position to help people deal with depression and hopelessness. He understands the spiritual connection that many face in their final years and helps them find meaning and purpose. As a former university professor, he taught psychopharmacology and he is well versed in the use of medication for mental health concerns. While retirement is supposed to be a happy time and the “golden years” are meant to be carefree, many face financial and physical uncertainty and could benefit from a helpful listener.

Dr. Richard Sinacola is a licensed psychologist with an office in north Palm Desert. He can be reached at 760-799-7351.



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