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Reveal the Rich Beauty and Color of your Cherished Rugs

Some of the greatest works of art of all time lie on the floor.

Persian and Oriental rugs have been an enduring trend for 1000s of years, even making contemporary appearances in pop culture from fashion to music! These rugs have been the marvel of connoisseurs and scholars for centuries and admiration for them continues today.

The history of these rugs is as rich and mystique as their patterns and luscious eye-catching colors. Authentic Oriental rugs are most often woven in the countries of China, Turkey, Russia, Tibet, India and Egypt; Persian rugs date back to the ancient Persian Empire, but are now often geographically attributed to Iran. There are also gorgeous Tribal rugs woven by nomadic or Indigenous artisans from Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal.

While Oriental rugs may have a steep price tag compared to machine-made copy-cat rugs, mass-produced rugs do not have the superior durability of Oriental rugs which are created to last the test of time. Artisan rugs are luxurious pieces of art that will last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations. To discover the authenticity of a rug look underneath it to reveal the signature hand-woven knots of craftsmanship. Each designer, weaver, and location has distinguishing features, often inspired by cultural, symbolic, or religious influences that continually captivate people of all walks of life around the globe. Since these works of art are truly treasured investments, they must be maintained, cleaned, and properly cared for to secure their cherished value.

Cathy and Larry established Magic Rug Cleaners over 20 years ago in their beloved community of Coachella Valley – and their business is truly magical! Cathy and Larry collaborated with other local experts to craft high-tech detailed handwashing techniques that precisely deep clean these highly prized works of art. Over time the integrity of the crafted rugs becomes naturally compromised by normal wear and tear, age, soil, pet stains and other damage such as fraying or broken/curled corners caused by vacuums. To address this Magic Rug Cleaners also provides heartfelt customized repair services, restoring every unique rug with the utmost care, skill, knowledge, judgment and experience to ensure its durability and longevity!

Brighten and refresh your rugs’ colors and maintain their endurance by sending them to the trustworthy Magic Rug Cleaners experts!

Convenient and affordable pickup and delivery options available. Either go online or call to get a free customized quote, and schedule a cleaning today! www.magicrugcleaners.com (760) 259-1029



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