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Over 70% of estate plans in the U.S. Fail!

It’s a reality…over 7 out of 10 estate plans in the U.S. fail the people they were supposed to protect during their “Golden Years.” So where is the weak spot in your estate plan?

Estate Planning answers the question: What happens when I die? Who gets what when I pass away? The answers are important and it is something most middle class families want to resolve. How do I avoid the expense and delay of Probate? How do I protect someone in my family? How do I avoid paying any unnecessary taxes and fees?

Elder Law Planning helps you answer those questions but Elder Law also addresses a different question: What happens if I live? How am I going to pay for my care? Who is going to take care of me?

The reasons for these “new” questions reflect changes in our society and the way we care for seniors in the United States. We live longer…a woman, age 80 has a life expectancy in excess of 90 years of age! Alzheimer’s Disease is the 3rd cause of death among people over 65…behind only cancer and heart disease. The death rate from 2000 to 2019 has increased 145%. And the care is very expensive. One in nine people, over the age of 65 is a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, 67% of the victims are women! Who are the caregivers? 30% are over the age of 65, 67% are women, 67% live together with the victim.

Elder Law can help you and your spouse. That’s the reason the California Elder Law Center provides free workshops to make sure you have the information to make good decisions in your own best interests.

Call 760-422-0404 ext. 105 today to attend a free workshop!



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