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New Harmony Habitat: A Sanctuary for Senior People & Pets

The fires raging daily in California have been displacing residents from all walks of life. The struggle for the large senior population has been significant, with many facing homelessness.

Seniors must contend with high rents on fixed incomes, and adding pet deposit fees on top of that means that some seniors are losing their long-time residences – and their beloved pets as well. Residents must often surrender their pets before being allowed in a shelter or other alternative accommodation. Waiting lists for affordable senior housing in the desert are often 3-5 years long, and now many of the lists are closed. Unable to bear living without their cherished companions, some seniors resort to living in their cars.

An affordable and amenity-rich senior community is coming to the Coachella Valley to help seniors and their pets stay together. New Harmony Habitat is a first-of-its-kind senior community with amenities close to transportation and shopping, and is being developed with plans to build in 2022. Beautiful modular housing will be factory-built with innovative designs combined with cutting-edge technology and fire-resistant materials – critically important in a state that averages 8,000 fires per year.

At New Harmony Habitat, seniors will not only get to keep their pets without pet deposits, but can also act as fosters for rescued senior pets that deserve to live out their lives with love and comfort. The community also offers a variety of onsite amenities ideal for seniors including: a clubhouse, game & crafts room, library, computer room, social activities room, cafe, gym, vet clinic, pet groomer, resale shop, outdoor track, swimming pool & spa, dog park, shuttle, organic vegetable garden and storage units. Seniors will flourish in a safe community where they can help care for each other and each other’s pets in a time of need.

It is a dream for the pet lover and a lifesaver for senior dogs and cats.

Contact: Ginny Weissman, 760-459-7802, Ginny@GinnyWeissman.com www.newharmonyhabitat.com



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