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Meet Chef Ly!

Chef Ly (Lee) was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the age of 14 during the Vietnam war, he fled by boat on the South China Sea. The boat was made by his older brother to escape. It carried 80 people from their hometown to Guangzhou, Canton. It took two months of facing treacherous waters and weather conditions. They survived by eating rice, sardines and bread. They use the rain for water but it was very salty and hard to drink. They try to ration they’re only resources, but ran out of food and starved for 7 days. Fighting to stay alive, holding onto the dream of a new life, they arrived in Guangdong (Canton) as refugees, they were taken by Hostile conditions to a concentration camp in Hong Kong.

Determined to survive, Chuong Ly Was thankfully sponsored to work in a local restaurant as a food prep. He was mesmerized with the head chef and his presentation of the plate. His passion evolved quickly as he learned how do use a knife properly, the walk properly, and the art of Authentic Chinese cooking. He Then became the youngest chef for famous restaurant in Hong Kong. Chef Ly says “food gives people life” and he wants to share that with the world. He’s 40 years of experience, and a dream of opening up a place where families reconnect with each other and share a warm meal and eat together has come true. He is humbled to serve the families in the desert since the year of 2000.

People come from around the world to eat Chef Ly’s Award-Winning food, comprised of simple spices blended in flavourful and aromatic way that excites the senses preparing them for a unique experience. Watching chef Ly cook it’s like watching an artistic expression of dance with food, as he’s flipping the woks in his unique secret sauces. The heat of the wok seers the sauce and coat it with a flavour captivating the freshness of the food where the aromas are smelled from miles away.

We thank you for joining us and sharing our cuisine. We want you to enjoy our venue as your home away from home. In the future, Chef Ly hopes to have his own cooking class to teach others of his knowledge in the culinary arts. You can find some of his videos already available on www.cantonbistro.com to learn how to make some of our amazing dishes!

Come try our dishes at 77912 Country Club Dr STE 31, Palm Desert



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