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Lithium Battery Upgrades for Golf Cars

It’s time to make your vision a reality with a custom golf car from A1 Custom Golf Cars.  Gone are the days of slow, messy and drab cars.  In today’s world anything is possible if you have the expert team at A1 Custom Golf Cars doing the work.  Offering custom paint, custom upholstery, hi-speed a motor, decals, striping, custom wheels and tires, Air Cooling systems and more, A1 Custom Golf Cars thrives on the challenge and delights in your reaction upon seeing the final product.

With three locations in the Coachella Valley and serving the community for over 10 years, A1 Custom Golf Cars had the foresight to be the first company in the area to install lithium batteries and set the standards for those companies slow to follow.

Why are lithium batteries so popular?

Fully Charge in 2-3 hours vs 8-10 hours for traditional lead acid batteries.

Longer Life – 3x – 5x longer than traditional golf car lead acid batteries.

Require no maintenance – That’s right: no adding water, cleaning, corrosion and acid spills. That also means no disgusting stains on your garage floor!

Lithium batteries do not lose power as voltage dips, meaning they last significantly longer and that means playing more than just 18 holes.

Lithium batteries also reduce the battery weight in your golf car by 300 lbs creating a lighter, faster and more efficient golf car!

So no more wasting money on sky-rocketing gas prices when you can be driving around town and on the golf course in a street legal, lithium-powered, custom designed high performance golf car from A1 Custom Golf Cars. Let A1 Custom Golf Car make your dream car a reality! Call us now at (760) 779-4777 or check out our website at www.a1customgolfcars.com



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