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HOME SECURITY – Not sexy, but a very real issue.

How do you talk to people about protecting their homes from burglary, fire, flood?  For most people it’s about as exciting as talking about buying homeowner’s insurance or a new fan belt for the car.  (No offense to the men out there who find fan belt talk exciting.)  But realistically, the desire to be prepared for the unexpected and unpleasant things that can happen in life prompts us to take time to discuss and consider these things. 

One of the statements I hear most often, living here in a resort community, is that we live in a private community, nothing happens here. Our community is walled and gated and we have patrol cars so we feel safe.  The other thing I often hear about is all of the crime that takes place in these walled, gated, patrolled private communities. The reality is that Crime Happens Everywhere.  Some areas certainly see more of it than others, but there is no happy place completely devoid of criminal activity. No need to panic or be fearful; consider the possibilities and address them wisely. What can you do to reduce the possibility of being victimized in your home? Police Chiefs all over the country agree that monitored security alarm systems are one of the best deterrents to crime in our homes. 

We have a recently built home so the likelihood of a home fire is very remote:  I hear it often.  To which I respond with a short list of the causes of home fires in the past 15 years that I am aware of. Very often home fires are caused by forgetfulness. People have put eggs on the stove to boil and then left the house for a couple of hours to run some errands.  Something is put into the microwave and rather than setting the time for 2 minutes, it is set for 2 hours. The person walks away dismissing it from their mind because they expect to hear the ‘bing’ in two minutes. Suddenly they smell smoke. Electric cart batteries in the garage catch fire. The list goes on. One of the main reasons I would never be without monitored fire protection is my pets. If there is a fire while they are home alone, they are the only ones who will hear the screaming smoke detector, in which case their only hope is my monitored fire alarm system because someone else is going to know about that smoke detector and take action on it very quickly.

We live in the desert; why worry about flooding?  Once again, unexpected things do happen, and fairly often.  Pipes leak or burst for many reasons.  Again, forgetfulness.  I can recall three different customers who have set a bucket on top of a drain in a sink to collect water and then walked away and forgotten.  Some just got distracted for an hour in the garage and yard, others left for the summer.  None of them had any kind of water detection in their homes. Water very often does more damage than fire. A slow leaking pipe can go unnoticed for weeks or months before someone realizes that they have serious water damage and possibly mold. Insurance companies don’t cover slow leaks. If you have a water leak device at all of the toilets, sinks, water heater, etc., they trigger as soon as they come in contact with even a little water, and send a water alert.  Now, you get to know about your leak much sooner with much less damage.

So this is what I say to people about the very un-sexy subject of home security. It’s our home. Stuff happens.  Be ready.  Call us 760-568-0052. 



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