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“Aging well and loving Life”

Health and Wellness Coaching for Seniors “Aging well and loving Life”

When you finally get to the place in life when you can pursue your dreams and desires (retirement), it comes at the same time that health challenges become more frequent and you can’t do the things you easily did in your youth. I can help you create a Wellness Vision and support you in aging well and loving life.
Benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching:
• Encouragement and Accountability
• Social and Emotional Support
• Guidance with Fitness and Nutrition
• Learn Stress Management and Mindfulness Skills
• Grief and Loss Support
• Learn Positive Psychology and Keys to Happiness

Hannah Rothlin, MA, CHWC
I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach and have graduate degrees in both Exercise Physiology and Consciousness Studies (World Religions, Psychology, and Philosophy). I have worked in the Health and Wellness field for over 30 years; I creaed an award-winning 50+ Senior wellness program in northern California and most recently worked as an Exercise Specialist for older adults at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah. Now I live in Sun City and enjoy working with older adults who want to thrive in their retirement years. After an unexpected accident I went through some difficult health issues in the past three years, with the result that I now fully appreciate how health is the most important asset we have. Just like you, I want to age well and enjoy my “semi-retirement” years staying active, eating healthy, nurturing my relationships, being socially active, learning new things, managing the stress of daily life and practicing self-compassion.
Call me for your free consultation appointment to see if Health and Wellness Coaching is a good choice for you. We can meet in person, over the phone or via video chat.

Call 707-495-7690 or email hannahrothlin@gmail.com



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