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70% of Estate Plans Fail in the U.S.!

Recent studies all confirm the research done at Stanford University to determine what are the most important issues facing seniors, according to seniors, in the U.S. The results of all of the studies were remarkably consistent.

When people over the age of 65 years old are asked the questions, “What are the three most important issues to you?” they consistently respond: “I want to stay at home…I do not want to be sent to ‘one of those places.” And yet 70% of senior Americans die, alone, in institutions…alone, tended to by strangers. Their estate plans failed to protect them from their Number One concern!

“I do not want to go broke,” is Number Two and with average costs of over $11,000 per month, they should be concerned! They might go broke and worse, there’s not enough money left to protect their spouses.

And they all say, “I do not want to be a burden on my family.” If not their family, then who will be there for them? What if they don’t have a family?

Their estate plans answered the question, “What happens when I die?” Those same plans failed seniors in answering the question, “What happens if I live?” In other words, seven out of ten estate plans do not protect seniors when they need protection the most…when they need to get the quality of care they need and deserve but not go broke doing it!

Ask your neighbors, friends, “Do you wish you had talked with an Elder Law attorney before all of this happened to you?” You can be prepared and have a plan that works, protects you, your spouse, your life savings and lifts the burden from your children.

Plan today so that YOUR PLAN WORKS!

Call the California Elder Law Center today 760-422-0404 or visit cal-elder-law.com to see how you can protect yourself, the ones you love, and your estate.



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