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5 Tips to Make “WOW” Factors in Your Home

Have you ever walked into a home and thought, “WOW, this is gorgeous?” Your home can have that same effect on your friends and neighbors too. Here are a few ideas we can help you with to give your home a fun and personal touch that WOWS!

5. The Feature Wall

A feature wall can add depth and statement in your home. WARNING: selecting the perfect shade of paint is not as easy as it looks on HGTV! Working with a design team will save you time, money and endless quarts of unappealing paint that you will accumulated. Wall paper in small doses is another way to add a sophisticated and unexpected layer of design. Panel moldings painted the same color OR accenting color of the feature wall will add dimension and interest.

4. Fabulous Light Fixtures

Lighting sets the mood in a home and tells your guests what your style is. It is the decorative icing on the cake. What are you trying to convey in your design? You want the dining room to have a formal feel? Hang a dramatic, oversized fixture above the table. You want to have a fun, warm feel in the kitchen? Add woven pendants over your island. Can lights are your best friends and practical too. Just remember one important thing, DIMMERS!

3. Contrast On Hard Surfaces

CONTRAST makes a dramatic feel. Playing with deep and unexpected colors on your hard surfaces makes a high end, dramatic statement. Dark gray, granite countertops with white backsplash and black cabinets feels sleek and timeless. Dark green cabinets with a gold veined, quartz speaks of elegance and class. Unexpected gets the “Wow”.

2. Drama in the Powder Room

Picture this: you’ve invited your neighbors over for a cocktail party and just as they are getting used to your living room, having heard where you purchased your art and all the detail you love to give your guests, they step into the powder room and are mesmerized. The bold wallpaper that covers the entirety of the walls, or huge wall tile floor to ceiling that look like marble. An unexpected patterned floor tile that they’ve never seen before. Even a shockingly fun paint color they’d never expect would do. It’s a small space to experiment in high design. Be bold, go for it!

1. Find the Right Contractor: Alpha and Omega

Finding the right contractor and design team for your personal statement is the key to making your design look professional. Let us help you make the statement that will actually make you look forward to showing off, when your neighbor does the dreaded “Pop-In”. Call Alpha Omega at 760-895-4422



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