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5 Tips for a Successful Remodel

I have heard it said time and time again how stressful remodeling is for people, but does it have to be? The short answer, NO! The completion of a successful and advantageous remodeling project is just a few basic tips away!

5. Realistic Time Expectations

We would all love to snap our fingers and have the perfect kitchen, right? But you cannot have the baby without the labor pains. Yes, I said pains; you need a realistic mindset for your construction project. Demolishing an existing living space and recreating something brand new and fabulous TAKES TIME. Realistic expectations of the time frame will set you up for a success and prevent anxiety for you and your contractor.

4. Accepting That Your Home is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Ideally, we could all coexist under the same roof while the construction of our remodel is underway. For some of us this is possible. But for the majority it makes for a rough road ahead. Living in a construction zone (and that is exactly what your home will be in the process of beautification) is not for everyone! It is dusty and dirty, with materials left for the next day. Sometimes appliances become unavailable, even the AC! While the project is in progress your home will no longer be a “Home,” it will be “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”.

3. Prioritize Your Materials

You have your vision board and you know exactly what you want the finished remodel to look like. But is it that simple? With the building and remodel market at such a high demand, the fact is some materials are just not easily available. Backorders and discontinued product are something we face more frequently now. Start by prioritizing your most loved and inspired hard surfaces and being more flexible about the supporting elements. Design your room around the quartz you cannot live without and understand the backsplash may have to be your second choice due to unavailability. Once the layers of design are installed you won’t even miss that backsplash that was your first choice.

2. Work with a Team

Time is Money. Have you ever walked into a flooring store and felt an instant sense of overwhelming terror? So many options and where to begin? Two hours later you walk out exhausted, with a trunk full of options that you don’t even like once you see them in your home. Avoid this by having your contractor recommend their Interior Designer to meet with you and bring A FEW options to your home. The extra expense will end up saving you time, exhaustion and give you a more cohesive design.

1. Find the Right ContractorAlpha and Omega

Finding the right contractor for your remodel is the biggest factor in a successful remodel. You must find a licensed company with a raving reputation and experience. At Alpha and Omega we pride ourselves on integrity and relationship. What is unique about us is that our crew has worked together for years. Our contractors work together simultaneously to cut down on project time. Our designer is on call to help speed up the selection process. We source from the local area to ensure quick product delivery. We work alongside you to make sure all your needs are met and your remodel is successful!



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