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Sun City Insider, Letter from the Editor, April, 2022

Dear Readers,

From cover to cover, we continue to shine a spotlight on our fellow neighbors and local business owners, all of whom are passionate about their endeavors. Local resident Mara Brown crafted an informative article about preparing pets in case of disaster on page 21. Other articles feature local business leaders such as Gary Morrison who is transforming the Valley’s hot outdoor spaces into an oasis of comfort and safety; read more about his work on page 19. Business aside, many of our local advertisers became involved with their area of expertise from something more personal. Read about these stories such as Todd Hill from Hill Electric on page 38, and Joanna Gebhart on page 40.

Last, but not least, we are featuring Carl Rigoli, whose exciting musical career launched in his teen years and led to many unforgettable experiences such as working as the percussion lead on Frank Sinatra’s album Trilogy!

Check out our Calendar of Events on page 24 to keep up to date on latest happenings and thank you again for all your ongoing support of the Sun City Insider magazine!

Regards and Happy Reading!



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