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WSJ MarketWatch and Patriot Gold Group “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something”

Written by John C. “Jack” Hanney, C.E.O. of The Patriot Gold Group

This Time It IS Different. Sir John Templeton considered the four most dangerous words in investing: “This time is different.”
The Wall Street Journal put it best … “Your feelings about the economy, inflation and interest rates are shaped by what you see at the gas pump, in the grocery store and on your credit card bills or balance-transfer offers. Notice how you feel when you check the estimated market value of your home or talk with your friends about
money and finances.”

“Throw in a 20% decline in the stock market last year, plus headlines about job layoffs and concerns about the impact of a likely recession, and there’s virtually no way to hold onto the hope that you are somehow above the fray.”

“For people in or approaching retirement — and I started including myself in that group when I turned 60 last year there is additional concern about sequence-of-return and longevity risk, the real possibility that the stock market could tank as you enter retirement, dramatically lowering the earnings potential of your nest egg while increasing the chances that you outlive your money.”

“Aging — combined with current conditions — makes that fear more palpable than ever.” Jack Hanney, C.E.O. of The Patriot Gold Group goes on to say, “Add the concern about Biden overturning an important Trump Labor rule ERISA requiring retirement plan fiduciaries to act “solely in the interest” of participants and replace it with ESG 401Ks and investing coercing workers and businesses to support progressive policies, many have realized there’s never been a more important time to roll out of 401Ks and IRAs into Self Directed IRAs backed by physical Gold and Silver. Gold demand has hit an 11 year high and Central Banks have purchased more Gold in the past 12 months than in 80 years.”

Gold prices have seen their best start to a year in over a decade and forecasts are as high as $3,000 an ounce. Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers argues that we are facing the most acute economic and financial challenges since the 2008 financial crisis.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Whatever one’s favored terminology, there is widespread agreement that we are facing unprecedented, unusual and unexpected
levels of uncertainty. In the near term, we can expect more instability, higher risks, more intense conflict and more frequent environmental disasters.” (We Offer a FREE and No Sales Pitch Precious Metals Investor Guide when you confirm your delivery method by calling: 800-974-4653) Patriot Gold Group is based out of Seal Beach, California so if you’d prefer meeting in person, we can arrange that as well, whether it be in Palm Springs or The Ranch in Seal Beach.

If you’ve read this far, you’re interested, you should be, why not make the call (800-974-4653), request a FREE Precious Metals Guide and open that poolside next week instead of Vanity Fair and plan ahead, so next winter you can be sitting poolside again enjoying the sunshine and have one less thing to worry about.

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