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What You Need to Know… About Long-term Care Benefits for Seniors in California!

The cost of 30 days in a nursing home in California can be as much as $12,000 for one month! Are you prepared to pay $365 to $400 per day? Do you have a plan; does your family know what to do?

Every day seniors, their spouses and their families are seeking the quality of care they need and deserve without going broke. The biggest challenge they face is getting accurate, up-to-date information they can rely on…a lot is at stake. Trying to get accurate, up-to-date information during a crisis is difficult, at best, and potentially could result in tens of thousands of dollars in bills and debts that could have been avoided.

But there is a solution! People are often surprised to learn that Medi-Cal may pay for all or some of the costs of long-term care for middle-class families. What you need to KNOW is Medi-Cal changed the rules on July 1, 2022! They have dramatically increased the amount of assets a recipient of benefits is permitted to keep. That includes your house and your IRA!

Knowing the latest rules, having someone with experience and success ‘in your corner’ representing you or your loved ones, will make all the difference in making sure you know what your rights are, how the benefits can protect you and your loved ones, and how to be prepared.

Find out NOW what these new rules mean to you, your spouse and your family. Call 760-422-0404 to attend a FREE workshop and benefit from the experience and success of the California Elder Law Center’s 26 years of experience protecting seniors and their families.



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