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What if My Medicare Plan Changes or Ends?

Written by Marv Law of Healthbridge Insurance Solutions

Every year Medicare Plans send members an Annual Notice of Change booklet toward the end of September, which typically arrives in early October. This booklet lists the changes from this year’s benefits and compares them to next year’s benefits. It’s a good idea to review the changes in your plan to make sure it remains the best plan for you for the following year. Corresponding to that is the Annual Enrollment Period every year, October 15 to December 7; this is the period when members can change plans for the following year.

If a plan ends, there is a Special Enrollment Period that allows members to enroll in a new plan, no later than 60 days after the plan ends. However, it’s a good idea to enroll in a new plan before the existing plan ends so there is no gap in coverage. If a plan ends, it is usually at the end of a calendar year; however one plan recently ended on July 31, which triggered a Special Enrollment Period to change plans that ends September 30.

When evaluating plans, I recommend working with an independent broker who contracts with many plans so that you can get objective guidance, including how they affect your doctors and prescriptions. There is no cost for this service, or to have the broker do periodic reviews.

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