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We Can All Use a Little Creative Dressing

What is Creative Dressing? It is a new concept developed by owner, Bette King, who is a fashion creator, fashion buyer and closet designer with a flair for creative dressing. The goal of creative dressing is to fulfill your desires no matter your size, your budget, or your lifestyle. There are several aspects to this new concept:
Learn how to shop in your own closet and put together new outfits by adding statement pieces, scarves and belts that will enhance clothing you already have.
You may have clothes in your closet that you have never worn, or you may have changed sizes over the years. Bette can show you how these items can be changed and adapted by adding width and length with banding to garments that you already have. You can turn these items into a new wardrobe.

Many people with disabilities have given up on stylish dressing as they think it can’t meet their needs, whereas Bette King has developed many new concepts to keep you on top of your game in the fashion world.

We all need more room in our closets, and as a professional closet designer Bette can teach you how to organize as well as make room for new additions.

Being knowledgeable of sources and having contacts in the fashion world provides Bette with the ability to meet your needs and budget in today’s times. This is a great new way to make changes in your life by making changes in your wardrobe from your own closet. Call Bette King today at 760-905-0898 to experience the transformation yourself!



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