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Unlock the Power of Your Home

Did you know you can use the real estate you no longer need to make a difference to Eisenhower Health and our community? You can!

When you gift your home or other property to Eisenhower, you ensure we can continue to provide exceptional care to our community and continue to re-invest in life saving technology.

A gift of real estate not only makes a difference for our community at large, but you benefit as well. Depending on how you set up your gift, you can:

  • Fund a plan that pays you income for life.
  • Give us the property now but retain the right to live in and enjoy it for life without having to go through probate or a trust administration.
  • Eliminate capital gains taxes.
  • Qualify for an income tax deduction.
  • Qualify for our 24/7 Recognition program.
  • Avoid the time, effort and expense of selling the property

Please reach out to the Foundation department to learn more and receive free information on estate planning and strategic planned giving by calling 760-773-2967 or by email us at PlannedGiving@EisenhowerHealth.org



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