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Having an insurance broker you can trust has never been more important than it is today. Whether you are trying to navigate seemingly out of control home insurance costs or simply looking for a better drug plan to cover your new medications, being able to call a knowledgeable broker for answers is essential.

Open Enrollment for seniors is quickly approaching. This is your opportunity to make any needed changes to your drug plan or Medicare Advantage Plan. Maybe you have the ‘F Plan’ PPO and believe you have the best plan available. Although that may be true, is it the smartest plan for you? Most of the time the answer is no. The ‘G Plan’ is far less costly while the only difference is you pay the Part B Deductible. You would never pay an extra $500 to get a $233 benefit, right?

In many cases, this is exactly what is happening. Talk to a knowledgeable agent and make certain you don’t just have the best plan, but the smartest plan for you.
As you have no doubt noticed, your home insurance premium is up, way up. Although all insurers are increasing their premiums for Homeowners Insurance, shopping around can pay large dividends.

Making sure you’re with the right insurer and packaging your auto with your home is key to maximizing discounts available to you and reducing your cost.

Don Barneson has been a trusted insurance broker for 40 years. He owns La Quinta Insurance Services near Old Town La Quinta and has dozens of competitive insurance markets.

For your insurance needs, call Don Barneson at (760) 777-1307 or stop by his location at 51025 Avenida Mendoza, Suite 102
La Quinta, CA 92253



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