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Trevino Says “What in the World are You Doing?”

“Putt more FUN in your game!” Written by Tom Lynott, Golf Basics Coach – 619-955-0633

Sooner or later most golfers fall prey to those crazy golf trainer ads and buy some kind of goofy golf training aid. I am no different than most golfers and have tried almost every quick fix you have ever heard of.

But I remember what Lee Trevino told me one time when we were walking around Seattle Golf and Country Club and he answered my question about training aids. Lee asked me, “What is it that you want the training aid to do?” My mind whirred. “I guess I figured it would just make my swing more consistent and I would hit the ball straighter?” Then Lee said, “What if you hung my 6 iron from your ear? Would that do the job?” I laughed and said, “It might, let’s try it!”

Lee cracked up and continued, “So, it sounds like you don’t really know why your golf club and swing aren’t doing what you want, am I right?”

I said he was correct, I really didn’t know what was wrong with my swing! He then said, “OK, take your grip, your stance and make your best full swing.” When I did, he said, “It’s really simple, Tom. Your swing is fine, but it’s your grip that is causing you to lose distance and hit a push or a slice.”

Wow! All those training aids and videos couldn’t do what Lee had done for me by simply watching me take my grip, my stance and then my swing! Training aids can’t do that; only the TRAINED EYE of a golf coach or playing pro can detect where you are going wrong on your grip, stance, or swing.

And you know what? When you hit the ball straight, you have more fun!



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