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Top Golf Tips for Seniors

Many seniors encounter issues hindering their golf game, such as reduced mobility, strength, and flexibility. Here are some golf tips specifically for seniors that’ll help you tailor your game to your ability.

• Investigate hybrid clubs. Merging the benefits of both iron and wood, hybrids are ideal for seniors. They’re lighter to hit, travel further and straighter, and are easier to use playing out of the rough.

• If your ability to turn back in the swing isn’t what it used to be, follow-through can help get you more distance. Try turning your front foot outwards about 30% to help.

• Reduced mobility means less power, but you can shift your weight during your swing to help move the ball without injuring your shoulders or back. During the backswing, have your weight on your back foot, and shift to your front foot during follow-through.

• With bunker shots, the key is taking the sand first and letting the club do most of the work. Try shifting your stance so more of your weight is on your front foot, and avoid flicking your wrists at impact.

• To reduce the risk of injury with flicking hand movements when chipping, think of a pendulum movement. Stand with most of your weight on the front foot and lower your grip for better control. Make your backswing and follow-through the same length. Ensure the motion is in your arms and shoulders, not your wrists. Keep your back foot about a foot behind your front so your legs don’t move too much.

• When putting, bend from the waist to focus the pendulum motion in your upper body. Keep your eyes as close to being over the ball as possible. Try lining up the putterhead first to help you get yourself oriented.



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