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Time to Paws-itivily Spring Forward

Written by Mara Brown – Master Dog Behaviorist

If our dogs have a favorite season, Spring is it. Although to a dog every day is
THE BEST DAY EVER, there is something special about spring … longer days and the
promise of wonderful new adventures. Spring is also a good time to do a refresh. Notice if your dog’s collar is fitting correctly. They may have lost or gained a pound or
two since it was new. You should only be able to put 2 fingers between the collar and
your dog’s fur. If it is too loose, they can slip out of it.

If it is too tight it can cut off your dog’s circulation, or worse dig into and create a laceration in your dog’s skin. Check your dog’s ID tag to ensure that you can still make out your phone number and your dog’s name. Have you moved? Changed your phone number? Be sure the information on your dog’s microchip is current and correct. Examine your dog’s toys.

Should they be thrown out? Are they starting to fray? Are the buttons used for nose or eyes on the toys coming loose? Is stuffing becoming visible? These are choking hazards. Also, our dogs may need a refresher on their manners. It is no fun if your dog is the one walking you, knocking you off balance or pulling your arm out of its perfectly good socket.

To ensure your dog puts their best paws forward as they Spring forward, hire the best Doggy Life Coach, Master Dog Behaviorist Mara Brown. She will help your dog remember their manners and have the BEST SPRING EVER!!! Contact Mara at www.LifeCoachingForDogs.com or call 310 467-2334.



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