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The Zerorez Difference

Did you know that traditional professional carpet cleaning methods, such as carpet shampooing or using a carpet steam cleaner, can damage your carpet with the amount of water and toxic soapy residue that gets left behind? Unlike any other carpet and floor cleaners, the Zerorez difference truly provides your home with safe, clean, non-toxic carpet and upholstery cleaning services and leaves no residue behind!

Your Palm Desert Zerorez professionals use a newly upgraded, state-of-the-art generator that makes powerful yet safe to drink alkaline cleaning water. Similar to the pH-raised drinking water you may already be using to hydrate and detoxify yourself, their cleaning water (called Zr water®) is safe enough to drink yet powerful enough to collect the dirt and grime stuck in your carpet. It acts like soap to emulsify and pull the dirt out of your carpet, but unlike soap, it doesn’t leave behind any sticky and toxic residue. Since their cleaning water contains no soaps or harsh chemicals, it is completely safe for kids, pets and the environment.

On top of that, the drying times are so speedy that you can get right back into routine with fresh clean floors and upholstery twice as fast! Your Palm Desert Zerorez professionals offer many services to their fellow desert residents such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, counter top cleaning, pet stain and odor issues, protectors, sealers, and coatings.

Take advantage of their exclusive Sun City Insider Magazine offer of 3 carpeted rooms, or 2 areas of tile for only $179!

Watch the videos of the Zerorez difference on their website at:, and schedule an appointment today to experience the health-conscious Zerorez difference for your home by calling 760-537-3930.



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