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The Wolf Says… “I Choose You”

“Putt more FUN in your game!” Written by Tom Lynott, Golf Basics Coach – 619-955-0633.

One of the best ways to have fun on the golf course is to play a “team” game that is not strictly “Mano a Mano,” where every player keeps their score on each hole. That’s just boring!

I love the game called “LONE WOLF.”

In this game the players alternate being the “WOLF” on each hole. Player #1 is the “WOLF” on the first hole, player #2 is the “WOLF” on the next hole and so on with each player taking his/her turn acting as the “WOLF” on every 4th hole.

The person who is “WOLF” on each hole normally tees off first. The “WOLF” player for that hole then watches as each of the other players hits their tee ball onto the fairway or green. The “WOLF” player then decides who he wants to team up with for just that hole, choosing the one with the best shot and who the “WOLF” player thinks will have the best score on that hole. Each hole is played counting the lowest score of a member of that team.

If the “best ball” of each team is the same, then no points are scored for either team.
But, the option exists for the player who is the “WOLF” on his hole to not choose another player for his team, and to cry “Lone WOLF” for that hole, believing that his score will beat any of the three other players’ scores! In this case of course, the “Lone WOLF” must beat all three of the other players, and if he does, he will get 3 points. If he loses, each of the other players will get 1 point each.

The winning player or players get a free beer at the clubhouse! Have FUN! P.S. When you’re ready to Putt more FUN in your game, give me a call! Tom Lynott, Golf Basics Coach – 619-955-0633.

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