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The Leader In Low Speed Vehicles

GEM’s industrial carts at Papé Material Handling are designed for smooth operation and minimal upkeep. They feature all forward-facing seats for increased safety. Plus, they’re designed to promote passenger connectivity and conversation through ultra-quiet operation.

Sustainable & Smart

Rugged and virtually silent, these low-speed vehicles run on zero-emission electric power, resulting in low operating costs and minimal environmental impact.
Engineered for Comfort

GEM’s low-speed vehicles are constructed with an aluminium frame that provides a more spacious interior within the same compact footprint. Adjustable seats mean comfort for everyone – including passengers as tall as 6’8”. These vehicles also guarantee a smooth ride with 6” of travel on the suspension and optional power steering.

Polaris-Built for Safety

There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety. GEM’s industrial carts feature 3-pt safety belts, street tires, a glass windshield, and LED brakes, headlights and turn signals for safe, on-street driving. Plus, GEM’s occupant protection system meets SAE roof crush test specifications for added safety on the road.

Why Lithium Ion?

These batteries aren’t just environmentally friendly, they also require virtually no maintenance. Lithium ion batteries provide a maximum range with 2-3x battery life – meaning you’ll likely never need to replace the battery on your GEM. Lithium ion batteries are lightweight for better acceleration; plus, they’re easy to charge with GEM’s opportunity charge feature. Other added benefits include improved cold weather operation and a flexible charge duration when compared to traditional batteries. Plus, there’s no regular maintenance required.

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Drive easier with GEM and Papé Material Handling.



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