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Surviving Uncertain Times

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving… we need to get stronger and more resilient.”


No truer words were ever written. These are uncertain times; sharpen your inner resilience today! Looking around, some seem to handle grief, bad news, illnesses and life changes with very little hiccup, while many of us feel depleted of our ability to fight back, bounce back and thrive during adversity. In other words, some of us naturally possess strong inner reliance skills, while frankly, the rest of us could use a little help!

Science states that inner resilience can be learned at any age and last a lifetime. That’s great news, don’t you think? Let’s address the three whys. Why suffer with worry, anxiety and prolonged grief? Why feel stuck, unheard or continue struggling to simply survive, while others thrive? Why hold onto unwanted weight or your past hurts and failures, when you should be living the vibrant life you deserve?
Sound familiar? It might be time to hire a “thinking partner.” That’s right, a thinking partner! Someone who can coach, mentor and challenge you to live a fuller life, one with purpose and joy. Be ready for anything!

My name is Coach Mia Lynott, specializing in building inner resilience. I have been practicing for 20+ years and am the author and mentor of Inner Resilience 10+ . . . Guiding Principles for Life. Simply surviving is not enough!

Coach Mia is a full time SCSH Resident, Author IR10+, ICF Certified Life Coach CPC, Public Speaker and has over 20+ years of coaching experience. She offers free consultations for group and private sessions. Call Coach Mia to learn more! If not now, when? 760.685.4468



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