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Solar Recycling: Responsible Reuse

Written by Emily Langenbahn, Promotions and Public Relations Manager of Renova Energy

The solar panels on your home solar system now have a life expectancy of up to 40 years! But, what happens when those panels reach their end-of-life?
The waste from solar panels can be recycled and reused to create new panels. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, by 2030 the cumulative value of recoverable raw materials from end-of-life solar panels will be about $450 million globally, which is equivalent to the cost of raw materials currently needed to produce 60 million new panels.

Until January 2021, solar panels were considered hazardous waste materials and, by law, could not be thrown in landfills. Unfortunately, solar panels have since been reclassified as “non-hazardous” waste materials, which means some companies will dispose of solar panels in landfills.

Through recycling, not only will we save space in landfills, but we will also capture the value of the raw materials and create a new job sector in the field of renewable energy!

Crystalline-silicon solar is the most common technology used in solar panels.
These types of panels are constructed with:

• Aluminum frame
• Glass
• Silicon solar cells
• Copper wire
• Plastic junction box
• Polymer layers with a back sheet

Glass accounts for most of the weight in a solar panel at roughly 75%, and glass recycling is already a well-established practice. Solar panel recycling also saves on the cost of sourcing new materials for increasing solar demand.

Go with the responsible solar panel experts at Renova Energy by contacting them today at 760-537-6475 or visit them online at gorenova.com/suncity



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