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Have you ever wondered how the ice stays smooth and frozen at Acrisure Arena? Indoor hockey ice is kept frozen by a combination of a refrigeration system and an intricate series of pipes that circulate a coolant solution just below the rink. The pipes are usually made of plastic and are laid out in a grid pattern underneath the surface while the refrigeration system pumps enough coolant solution through the pipes to control the on-ice temperature at between 17 and 29 degrees to keep the ice solid and sturdy.

Air conditioning companies help with indoor ice rinks by providing cooling systems that maintain the temperature of the rink at a consistent level. This ensures that the ice remains frozen and that the rink is comfortable for skaters. Air conditioning companies can also provide dehumidification systems to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, which can further prevent the ice from melting.

Ice is formed in hockey rinks by a process called “flooding.” This is a series of steps that involve spraying a thin layer of water over the rink surface, then allowing it to freeze. The process is repeated several times until the desired thickness of ice is achieved. The ice is then maintained a few times throughout the hockey games. To keep the ice fresh and level Acrisure Arena uses a Zamboni to resurface and keep the ice optimal during the CV Firebirds games.

The first ice resurfacer was invented in 1949 by Frank J. Zamboni, an American inventor and businessman. Zamboni developed the machine to help maintain the ice rink at his family’s business, the Iceland Skating Rink in Paramount, California. The machine was designed to shave the ice, collect the shavings, and then deposit a thin layer of hot water over the ice to achieve the iconic glassy surface. The hot water melts the ice and establishes a smooth, level surface. The Zamboni then squeegees the excess water off the ice and leaves a clean, smooth ice surface.

Next time you’re at a CV Firebirds hockey game, be sure to check out the General Air Conditioning Zamboni in action on the arena’s ice.

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