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Shop at Revivals for a Good Cause!

When Desert AIDS Project changed its name in January 2021, it did so in a way that honored its history by expanding the role it plays in public health and health equity. The advocacy-based health care organization has evolved to be so much more than what its founders envisioned during its beginnings during the AIDS crisis. DAP Health is a name that more accurately reflects the host of comprehensive health services currently offered to the community.

Today, DAP Health works to improve the overall health of the entire community, providing medical, mental, and oral health services regardless of income with a focus on expanding health equity by reaching medically underserved community members. The group’s mission is to enable access for everyone to primary and preventative health care services such as HIV and Hepatitis speciality care, dentistry, behavioral health, and social services.

With 10,000 patients currently in care, half of them impacted by HIV/AIDS, DAP Health sees more than 100 new patients each month, and the need continues to grow. That is why DAP Health also offers HIV testing, education, and early intervention services to help thousands more in the community.

To help fund costly services, DAP Health opened its own thrift store called Revivals which offers the valley’s best collection of resale items alongside brand new furniture at bargain prices under its owned brand – Mode. Revivals raises over $1 million annually for the non-profit, turning over 100% of profits to DAP Health each year since it first opened in 1994, and as the advocacy-based healthcare organization opened its doors wider to welcome more neighbors into care, Revivals opened more stores to help fund the work.

Revivals stores are comprised of a unique blend of staff and volunteers, and Revivals would not be possible without the generosity of those who volunteer. Over 180 volunteers donate over 13,000 hours each year, reselling gently used furniture, home goods and fashion that have been donated by the generous local community at their four store locations.

The magic really happens behind the scenes where the team of volunteers sorts, prices, and touches every donated item before it comes to the sales floor. Together, the team has created a unique shopping experience – an exciting treasure hunt that delivers on their promise of affordability, discoverability, and community connection. They even have a department that fixes broken items and a separate department that tests every electronic item put on the floor. This keeps countless items out of the landfill and promotes a more environmentally friendly way of life.

Revivals’ newest store location is in Indio, CA at the corner of Monroe and Highway 111. The store was designed to embrace the brand evolution of DAP Health and reflect the organization’s commitment to community throughout. More than 29,000 shoppers come through the doors each month, giving Revivals a unique opportunity to introduce DAP Health to people needing healthcare access or who want to join in becoming a donor.

You can support this great cause by volunteering, shopping, or donating to any of the four Revivals stores. Learn more about the incredible mission for DAP Health at



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